A story of family and love for matter

Blending nature with heart, we have been changing the concept of stone since 1987, creating products that are both functional and refined at the same time. The features of raw materials such as volcanic stone and clay are fundamental: we respect their identities while expressing their potentialities at the same time. The result is the production of pieces of furniture suitable to any context: Home, Contract, Outdoor and Indoor.

Our story begins at the end of the 80s, when Roberto Domiziani inherited the strong ceramic tradition of the area and started the business. Roberto has developed his new and original style combining the local know-how and his personal genius.

Today the story continues with Sofia and Christopher Domiziani (Roberto's daughter and nephew), who have been running the company for more than 10 years, respecting the acquired heritage with a look to the future.

In our company, raw materials are processed with artistic craftmanship and semi-industrial techniques. In this way, memory and research, emotions and rigor, uniqueness and experimentation are melted together.

We process and decorate the stone and the ceramics, two living, extreme, primordial materials and we approach it with the will of expressing its power in each creation.

Cutting, enamelling, decoration and firing are the manufacturing processes that are continuously developed and systematized through careful researches on manual skills and potentialities of technique.

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