Stone, an ancestral and
mythological material

The stone, one of the fundamental raw materials in the building branch, is also our base element because or its natural, mythical and strong nature. We chose the stone that is closest to the heart of the earth: the lama stone. We work with this stone, finding its complex identity and expressing its power in every creation.

This stone is quarried in blocks and slabs and expresses its geologic nature and its intrinsic qualities through the various compactness and uniformities in appearance and textures. Lava stone is the transformation and the evolution or the territory and its landscape.

Etna's lava stone

Etna's Lava stone, or Etnean basalt, comes from volcanic fire. The appeal of this stone is a mixture of physical and cultural traits given by its provenance from one of the most iconic places in the world, where the geological activity is continuous. It is an effusive rock, which means that it is created by the magma that solidifies in contact with the air. It has a characteristic and intense dark colour. Physically, its best and fundamental feature is resistance, as reflected also by its name "basalt", from latin “basanites" which means "very strong rock”.

Nowadays, this particular feature is enhanced and taken to extremes in our working processes, including firing at 1000 degrees temperatures. The aspects of this solid magic that we constantly go through by our expressive research in a contemporary point of view, are the restlessness and intensity of lava stone and its mythic and alchemical characteristics.

Cimino's peperino stone

Peperino is a magmatic rock of volcanic origin, created from 200000 to 20000 years ago in the Italian areas of Viterbo and Colli Albani. Its name comes from the Latin "piper", that means "pepper" because of the presence of biotite in small black grains, from where its particular appearance comes.

The penerino we use comes from Vitorchiano and Soriano nel Cimino and it's a strong material, suitable for many uses and used since the Palaeolithic age. The secret of its beauty is the porous texture. By the years, we refined our technical research and found new treatments to make the surface of the stone similar to the texture of a canvas and suitable to be painted.

The natural porosity of the peperino brings out a soft crackle effect that donates a charm while keeping the brightness of the colours to the surfaces. With the choice of this stone, we pursue a high standard guality of manufacturing, with a fawless aesthetic definition. Peperino is the stone used for the creation of the classic line designs.

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